“Garabag Resort & Spa” is a 5-star recreational and wellness center that is located in Naftalan city, Goranboy District, the western part of Azerbaijan.

The complex combines wellness, health, and recreation with its high-quality services and warm environment. The landscape of Garabag Resort & Spa is surrounded by beautiful nature and the scenery of Naftalan. The architecture of a health hotel is up to high standards, and it accommodates 132 rooms. The complex offers worldwide famous, unique, and 600 years old Naftalan oil, which has various healing properties for different types of diseases. Highly professional medical staff are present to provide the treatments in different fields such as musculoskeletal system, skin diseases, and many other diseases. The latest medical equipment and technology are used in the treatment sessions. Besides accommodation and medical facilities, the hotel also offers recreational activities such as tennis, billiard, table tennis, bicycles, pool, gym, and playground for children.  The hotel complex is only 600 meters away from the city center of Naftalan. Garabag Resort & Spa is an excellent choice to get healing benefits of Naftalan oil while staying at the hotel with high-quality services.

Garabagh Resort & Spa Garabagh Resort & Spa Garabagh Resort & Spa


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Dalga  Beach Aquapark resort
Dalga Beach Aquapark resort

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Gashalti Health Hotel Naftalan
Gashalti Health Hotel Naftalan

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Lankaran springs Wellnes Resort

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