Our mission is to provide high-quality real estate projects and services, focus on transparent and fair business practices, build the highest standards of professionalism, and achieve excellence and constant growth in business results. We strive to build strong and long-term relationships with a customer-oriented and results-based business philosophy.

Our vision is to become a leading group of Azerbaijani companies in the real estate development and services sector, taking advantage of the opportunities in the real estate industry's entire value chain, applying effective management methods, and offering innovative and efficient solutions for the whole market and our customers.

Corporate Values

The main activities of the company are

Asset management
Real estate investment
Real estate management

Property Management includes the lease of real estate, the preparation, signing, and renewal of lease documents, the collection of rents, the protection of property, the organization of necessary repairs to the property, the establishment and implementation of a budget for the maintenance of the real estate.

Real estate development includes repairing, restoring, and re-leasing existing buildings and acquiring and developing raw (unused) land.

PMD constantly monitors and analyzes the concept and trends essential for people regarding the home, shopping center, office space. As a result, it continually creates convenient places, a beautiful environment, innovative services to improve customers' lifestyles. Every member of our team understands the importance of this work and takes responsibility. 

PMD Group has been implementing and continuously improving quality and management standards in hotels, premium residential complexes, office buildings, shopping, and entertainment centers for many years. Along with the conservation of old Baku architecture, our projects incorporate components of European interior culture. Our well-thought-out residential complexes, shopping malls, rental facilities are focused on the comfort and satisfaction of our customers. We make every effort to create projects that combine taste, style, and high quality of life. 


PMD Group, one of Azerbaijan's largest real estate and property management companies, has been operating since 2013.

Our goal was not only acquiring revenues; we also aimed to work on effectively managed and innovative projects by investing in the development of the real estate market of our country. Despite being a relatively young company, we have fulfilled this goal by our operations.

Our company has successfully managed and completed huge projects such as residential complexes, modern shopping centers, premium class hotels, and business centers. Moreover, some historically significant buildings have been renovated and rehabilitated by PMD Group to make the cityscape of Baku even more beautiful. Furthermore, we have completed a remarkable range of extraordinary projects in different regions of our country. As a result of our continuous efforts, we have become one of the leading and exemplary companies in the market.

The reason for our accomplishments and successful reputation is not limited to our persistent business efforts; it is also a manifestation of our demonstration of transparency, integrity, and high ethical standards. Our main goal is to meet our customers' needs and exceed their expectations while creating positive impacts for our stakeholders.

Looking forward to the future with more faith, we will continue offering our high-quality services while contributing to the sustainable and inclusive development of our country and the national economy.

With deep respect,

Dayanat Sadullayev

Chief Executive Officer


Corporate History

The implementation of the new 2021-23 strategy has begun.
The portfolio has been further expanded
PMD Projects construction company was established
Agro, Hospitality branches were separated
The implementation of large projects such as Molokan Garden, Vurgun Residence, Lankaran Istisu began
Establishment of corporate office
Work began on the early real estate management